Nice to meet you .

I’m Journey K.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself.

I was a teacher in elementary school for 6 years and a junior high school for 1 year.

I quit my job in order to study abroad this year.After studying abroad in the Philippines for 3 months, I plan to have a working holiday for 1 year in Canada.

I was planning to leave Japan in May, but I am unable to leave because of the coronavirus.

This blog was started by me to improve my English.

I can’t speak English well now, but I want to be able to speak English with people all over the world someday.

If you find the wrong grammar or spelling, please let me know.

At the beginning, I will write about everyday events, but once I get used to writing in English, I would like to introduce Japanese school education and culture.

I hope to interact with many people.

Well then, See you tomorrow.