Today, I woke up at seven.
That is a bit later than my target time.
I want to get up early tomorrow.
I ate rice and miso soup and fried eggs in the morning.
It’s good.
My friend came to my house at nine.
I worked out with my friend.
I tried to hard training.
I trained mainly on my chest today.
I got so tired.
At lunchtime, I had rice and won-ton soup and fried chicken.
After that, I studied English.
Today, I learned about how to use comparative.
It’s too difficult for me to remember.
In the evening, I fell asleep.
So I took a nap for two hours.
I like to take a nap, but I feel like I wasted my time.
Until now, I was practicing listening in online English conversation.
Listening and speaking are very difficult, so I would like to study hard every day.
Well then, See you tomorrow.